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Hungarian Saber
Hungarian Saber
  • Price: 200

Price 200 EUR Optional scabbard for 100 EUR Length 100 cm Quenched high carbon steel blade Unsharpened, 2 mm edge Handle made of pearwood Crossguard options: brazed steel or cast brass Based on the sabers from Steppe regions of Eastern Europe, attributed to nomadic Magyar tribes of X-XI centuries. So-called Saber of Charlemagne (see picture), which is held in Vien museum, is also represents a perfect example of hungarian saber, being richly decorated in eastern style pattern and having a scabbard for mounted usage of weapon. Literature Кирпичников А.Н. Древнерусское оружие. Том 1. Мечи и сабли IX-XIII вв., М., 1956 P. Paulsen. Einige Sabelschwerter im Ostseeraum. «Documenta Archaeologica». Bonn, 1956

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