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Chernaya Mogila style helmet (Black Grave)
Chernaya Mogila style helmet (Black Grave)
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Helmet is based on the example found in Ukraine's largest early medieval burial mound near Kiev called Chernaya Mogila (Black Grave). It is believed to hold a south rus noble or even a konung and his son and maybe a wife or concubine. This type of helmet was widely popular in eastern europe from IX to XI centuries and believed to be a descendand of caucasian and steppe helmets of VII-VIII centuries. The second center of production of such helmets became Poland, where it was popular during the period. Another helmet of such type was found in river Berezina in 2019. Optional: leather chin straps leather suspention decorative incitions on bronze elements Price: 320 EUR Literature on the topic: Кирпичников А. Н. - Раннесредневековые золочёные шлемы. СПб.: ИПК Вести, 2009. — 70 с. A. Nadolski. Uwagi о wczesnośredniowiecznych helmach typu «wielkopolskiego». Prace i materialy muzeum archeologicznego i etnograficznego w Łodzi. ser. archeol., № 5, Łódź, 1960

Production time: 1,5 month, counting from every 15th or 30th day of the month.
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